Vintage car parkerd at an old gas station along US highway 61, i

Rural South

In this picture is an old Buick at a gas station on an open road in the South of 1955. It sits on open spaces and spread out on the highways or it could be down the street from your house. In those days, these were called filling stations. You did not have to pump your own gas which costs about 29 cents a gallon. The attendant cleaned your windshield and changed your tires. The filling station had names like Conoco gas station or Phillips 66 gas station, and a small bathroom in the back. I rode my with Dad, Wardell Sims, and his friend Deacon Jones to fill gas and I bought a Nehi Soda. Unlike these days, you just pay with a credit card and years ago, you paid with cash or loose change.


image: Gas Station: Tiago Fernandez –



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